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COVID-19 Blog Series: Simple exercises you should be doing at home

If you are looking for some exercises you can do at home without any gym equipment, you will want to read on. This post is written for those of us who are finding ourselves spending more time at home and have not been able to go to the gym. Perhaps you find that your daily activities have significantly reduced, and you are looking for ways to remedy that. In our previous post, we suggested finding some time each day to perform some exercises to maintain your fitness. If you are interested to learn more about the importance of exercise, read all about it here.

Below we have listed a couple of exercises that we recommend doing if you are looking for exercises that you can do while you are at home without any gym equipment. These exercises target multiple large muscle groups in the body. By performing these exercises, you will be working muscle groups in your upper body and lower body. The risk of hurting yourself while performing these exercises are low if you follow our directions below. It is important to keep in mind that it is more important to perform these exercises while maintaining the correct form and to increase the repetitions progressively as your strength increases. If you have not been exercising the past couple of months, there is a high likelihood that your level of fitness is not where it was, and you may be risking hurting yourself by doing too much too quickly. If you are experiencing any sharp pain while performing these exercises, there is a high likelihood that you are not doing them correctly, and you may want to consult us or other qualified health professional before doing more.

Exercise #1: Push-ups

1. Keep your back straight, squeeze your glutes, while drawing your belly button towards your spine

2. Shoulder blades should be pulled down towards your hip

3. Elbows roughly 45 degrees from the side of your body

4. Keep your fingers straight, hands should feel like they are screwing outwards into the ground

Exercise #2: Wall angels

1. Start with spine, neck, and shoulder flat against the wall

2. Focus on maintaining your spine against the wall throughout the whole movement

3. If you are feeling pain or cramping, relax, have a rest, and start again

Exercise #3: Squats

1. Gently push your big toe into the ground while squeezing your glutes and drawing your belly button towards your spine

2. Keep your knees pointing outwards throughout the movement

3. Body should remain as upright as possible with your weight over your heels

Exercise #4: Lunges

1. Allow the heel of your back leg to come off the ground and focus on pushing the big toe and ball of the foot into the ground

2. Maintain your front knee over the ankle throughout the movement

3. If you are finding it hard to balance, focus on squeezing your glute muscles particularly the back leg

The movement patterns that you learn while performing these exercises can be applied to many other more complicated exercises that you might do at the gym. It is therefore a good idea to learn to do these exercises correctly because it will be beneficial to you when you go back to lifting heavy weights at the gym. If you are concerned about previous injuries and are looking to get some advice in terms of performing these exercises or some tips on how you can improve your form, you can get some advice directly from our movement experts.

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